Suddenly the door opens
And I feel the fresh air push me back again
From a fear inside
Now I don’t know what to say to myself
How to escape to my lies, how to walk away
I thought it was me, I believed it was me.

Whatever I want, whatever I need
Until I crossed that door
Everything I want, everything I need
Is all falling down to the ground

I’ve been watching myself
Every single day, every move I make
It’s hard to see me completely, too close to my truth,
it hurts to accept when I hurt somebody
I see when I wander though the wilderness

I’ve been watching myself
Every single reaction, every decision I made
Every word I said yesterday still in my heartbreak

How about the answers
It’s more than just knowing
I can feel in my bones what I am here for
There’s always something inside to find out
Something I thought I lost

How about the broken bridge
All the frustrations
I wanna be reckless, be high for this
Trying to rescue myself, to feel myself close

How about the illusions
Time to stop lying to myself
About me, about my fantasies
I wanna be vulnerable, deny all my beliefs

I go through all this pain, through that door
When I close my eyes I can see
Each part of me which makes me smile craziest