Ocean Cave

To be immersed in me can be scary
But stop hiding the truth in this ocean cave
Going deep, deep inside of me
Within the waters of my essence
Going deep, deep inside of me
Don’t avoid the current
Don’t be resistant, resistant

If it’s not for you
why not be alone
If it’s not for you
You have to move on
Just be on your own

Don’t make me cry
Don’t tell me lies
Don’t be scared, and take me out
I really know how to swim
When you lock me inside this ocean cave

Please, please don’t put me down, down
Please, please put me first, first
Always, put me first, first
Never down, down
Just take me out, out
Feeling like the water flowing
Breathing waves come and go
Seeing the sunlit clouds
Floating by above me
As a mirror image of your actions and reactions
Reflections, reflections

The essence will always be a place
To find me and see my reflection
Get wet, submerging myself with new water
How can you be translucent
If you avoid the feeling of the rain on your skin?
How can you be ready for yourself
If you avoid your emotions?
Your skin is a mirror of water
Floating to myself

Open your ocean cave
And swim into the shelter of my soul