Charm of Failure

Passive, afraid
I’ve been stucked inside
Nothing happened, no action
Come on, you haven’t yet tried
Listen the signs of life
Maybe you will fail
But it will teach you more
than you imagine

Uncertainty, run away from it
And hate you forever
Like a chance you never grabbed
Come on, you don’t know
what’s coming next
Everything is possible
That’s how life works
It’s not what you planned
But it’s even better
than you imagine

Hard time, it’d be worse
‘Cause it hurts you
But look it’s not you
Start to live an imperfect life
‘Cause it’s real
It’s unpredictable

It’s unpredictable

Hate to ask it
Have you seen yourself?
You’re the start in a dark night
You’re the sunrise in your life
You’re the best part
And the most important.

Trust me, you’re the one
I always believe in
But I don’t blame you
Take your time,
and stand up
Forget all your lost
In the scramble to get a flight
Fly though all of these
I’m taking care of you
We couldn’t come back to the past

But you’re the only one I have
Last time you was devastated,
we were together, remember?
I tried to teach you about the process of life.

Then be unstoppable,
Then you say, “If I try I’m gonna wear a charm of failure”
It’s unpredictable

You’ll be fine
I hope you see me
We’re together
And you’re better
than you could have ever imagined.