A dive into the creative mind

I’m a writer who has a creative mind. I’m a very sensitive and intuitive person. I like to write poems about feelings and relationships. I’ve never planned to write, it happens naturally. I think my inspiration comes mainly from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. In my opinion, creativity is not a gift, but a skill that can be cultivated. The secret is very easy, find your ability and develop your creative mind.

In the beginning, writing is lonely and works in mysterious way. I need to distance from the real world to connect with my fantasy world. Before I start writing a poem, I go out and walk alone. I spend a long time to feel everything around me. I know that my thoughts live in my mind and they come with me everywhere until I know them inside out. I feel everything more intense and my creative thinking invents a story. I don’t have to think about thinking. Just some words that make a sentence. I feel and think on the same time.

Another inspiration is connecting with my intuition. Especially when I spend more time with nature, it improves my energy that comes from within. So that I can better access my intuition. As I sit on the grass listening different types of music like rock, classic, jazz and appreciate some stunning landscapes. In this case, sunrise and sunset are definitely my favorite times to write. Sometimes, I take a moment to just be with me and turn off all the noise. To be quiet, doing nothing at all and enjoying my silence.

In conclusion, it’s not just the creative mind, it’s the deep dive into the mind as well, and you’ve got to find a doorway that can open your mind to creativity. Many people do not believe they have any creative ability. But, it is a skill than can be expanded by perception and finding new ways of solving problems. For me, there’s nothing I love better than writing. This is my best away to dive into my mind and dig up my secrets.