Light it up

To see a life changing
Let your wild side up and out
Contemplating the mystery of life
Hold yourself tight in your arms
And go beyond boundaries with wonder
Where everything is infinity and eternal

In a way, life is simple and subtle
And You don’t even know why you’re here
It’s about getting inside
where you are hiding things
It’s about digging up the unknown
Widely cutting off the strings of mind
Experiencing and allowing each wound to come out
Not living through what others expected for you
Whenever you run away,
It comes anyway
from chat, song, difficult moments,
Insights, overthinking, drinking,
Crying, reading and dancing
It always finds a way
to take you on the right path

It’s about being sick enough to throw up
And then experience your worst feelings – boredom, fear, frustration, rejection, loneliness

Seeing life as a big river,
Same thoughts come and go
but the sound of water encourages you
To keep swimming to the other side
Getting close to the truth of you and,
in the river,
the current of water streaming down
you’ve never felt wash over you
and when it’s just about kill you
You start to love yourself

All you ever wanted
All you ever need
Is here in consciousness
Flowing through every living creature
and everything manifesting

Even if you don’t live
any grand experience,
There is great value to it
It took me no longer than 6 months to go though the all levels
And then more 6 months to the end
Where I most often find myself,
And in that time I have became a master of my life, conscious
Now I manage my own inner world

From those nights,
Swimming in the river,
And sometimes getting out of it
Standing up outside and,
in the waves between nothing

Where there’s no end
I’m still experiencing
the worst and
the best things of me

Light it up
from dark till light
Just me and me