Waves of Stars

Lucid dreams, crazy life 
Let me drive off the road
No directions, crave my own way
Feeling a subtle connection between us 
We’re thrilled, flowing into waves of stars 

Darkness to me is only 
a backdrop for stars tonight
Where I'm burning out
when you look at infinite high
Here, me, appearing as a fleeting 
flash of light to the naked eye

Up here is water in silence 
flowing very brightly
lighting up the darkness
as starry sky covering everything 
All together, diving into infinite high
Going with the waves of stars

Desires gallop in the air 
and our skin together smell fierce 
like howls at the moon
Surrendered, I tore flames in the air
the first curve of my shape
I don't need to make a wish, 
Just be high, shout tonight
The wildfire which rips flames in the air
kissing and laughing all night
Just be eternal deeply

How do you know it's me
in the infinite that you see?
How do you know you're ready 
to be part of me?