That uncertain sky 
I wrap myself in grey clouds
where I find my own shelter

My mind is an abyss
And I would like to cross it
But every time I judge myself,
it hurts, oh, it really hurts
When I go down
the shelter embraces me
And I'm hiding myself in it

When the sun is coming up 
And into contact with me
It shines, it’s light 
Clarity on the deceit 
to reveal the truth 
and burning all lies

I’m all choked up
watching, observing
my feelings, my thoughts, my body
I don't know how to describe myself 
where I wanna go
I really don’t know 
But all I really know is
Just to be myself
Wherever I go

When the sun is coming up 
Crying light over me
The sun lights up the joy in me 
that I couldn’t find 
The sun is warming me,
everyone and everything 

Any problems we have been experiencing
will melt away with the warmth of the sun
And we’ll always remember
where we are from 
The truth of us 
that’s never born 
and never dies.