There is a turbulent storm

And I’m caught up in the middle of it all

In the fog, and I feel it’s blurry inside

A scream lost in time

Caught in the flood

Take me back to the feeling when

I was standing in the moonlight

Even when you pull me underwater

and push me back to the air

Drawing me hopelessly 

as I move from the old to the new

Quickly, the way I see my life, changed 

The person I used to be

The life I used to have

Mighty water, unswerving hope

No matter what I face 

between heaven and earth

In front of my eyes, 

I look, and without knowing

I start to remember

One part of me sinks under the ocean, 

one shines to the sky

I’m in silence, stillness

A feeling I thought was impossible 

It slips through, my heart

allowing the birth of an untethered soul

in the infinite ocean of possibilities

Moments of carefreeness 

Letting go of every single dream

I give each one down to the ocean

Every moment of my wandering

I want what You want Universe 

and nothing less

So let all things come to my way 

and let me breathe