Who you are

The truth of you is simple
but your mind is resistant 
of the simplicity’s source
The struggle between mind and body
is the cause of illness
The world is a perfect dream 
where you’re acting on the illusory stage
Being distracted by desires
The more you think you know who you are
the farther you are blind to self discovery
Wake up from your unconscious dream
and see the truth behind the veil
The truth is locked
in the room of visions 
Have a seat of consciousness
Observe and let all your masks go
Matter, mind, emotions and soul
A piece of the puzzle
is floating nowhere
losing the all sense
Now and here are never existed
But because your mind creates unreality
and make you believe in that
Everything is manifested
Immersed into the ocean
when you climb the breakwall
You see there’s nothing
beyond the horizon 
At the moment of consciousness 
When you are letting go 
you transcend into silence
behind life’s tides 
You become joyful and free 
flowing in your absolute truth
Don’t keep searching for 
the answer of who you are
Just surrender and enjoy the ride.