Wake up

Photographer: Lara Jay

I wake up every single day
for see your smile
To hug you for 20 minutes,
Oh, sorry, 20 seconds.
I’ve been changing the lengths of my hugs
to get you longer in my arms,
because your hugs are the best
that I’ve ever had.

I wake up to pick your things up
around the house
From making your laundry,
folding your clothes
and putting them away
Organizing your room
and choosing your favourite duvet.

I wake up for picking you up from school
and sometimes for a change, a bit of a walk through the forest on way back home
for seeing cats and dogs.

I wake up for having breakfast,
sometimes lunch
and dinner with you.
for watching some movies,
and putting you to bed afterwards.

I wake up for baking the best brownie
I’ve ever had with you
For cooking yummy foods
Spaghetti bolognese
Laila’s special chicken
Lovely pumpkin soup
or just pasta with cheese.

I wake up for playing football,
cards and games.
For recording some funny videos
you flying in the air,
Jumping everywhere.
For singing and dancing crazy.

I wake up for seeing your face so surprised when you got your new super shoes.
For doing groceries
and back home
with a lot of food you like.

I wake up for driving you everywhere,
For watching you play violin,
Drums and your funny performances
For laughing loud together.

I wake up just to see you
For spending my time
and my life with you

I wake up not just for being a nanny
Because life is not only waking up
every single day to get money

I wake up for being your friend
Because life is waking up
for loving each other as a family.

Life is more than just opening your eyes
and I’m here for a reason
and you?
Do you wake up?