Back to the Ocean

We’re walking away from each other
Pretending we aren’t in love,
Nobody’s saw us for months
And they tell us about that
we only have eyes for each other
We are not noticing much of
what is going on around us.

We’re walking down the beach
We see a big wave coming
We pretend we’re running away
Don’t say a word
The wave throws us upside down
It lit ourselves up inside,
swimming on the water in which we were born.
As the silence fills our empty hearts.

Back to the ocean,
tides change,
waves cover us up,
slide back into the ocean.

It’s time to let it go
Feed the waves ‘cause we can’t stop it
Trust and let it go
Go with the waves
‘cause we can’t stop the waves from happening
Bringing big life changes to make us much happier.

It’s time to go
It’s time to go with the waves
We can bathe in the waters of our Soul
As we gaze into each other’s eyes