The Peaks

The peaks. When they touch the sky, they can feel the warm breath of the sun like a tickle in their rocky pikes. The mist cover and uncover like embracing giant veils, and the snow dust blows in the cold air. I breath, we breath that moment right now. And it’s all we have. I’m alive, we’re alive together. This whole way up walking in the shining silver lining that refresh us with so many excited possibilities. That crunchy voice on my feet is telling me that there is no right or wrong way to go, apart of our own way. Like a stage that shows many types of diversity, and for a few minutes, I almost disappear in the silence of those splendid vertical walls. In some how, the uncertainty draws shapes of slender silhouette that show us an unshakeable connection with ourselves. There it is – a valley. I climb, we climb it to defy the force of gravity, to contemplate those cascades of different perspectives.¬†