Before Clouds Have Been Increasing

Something’s ranning
Ranning over you
Everyone say it’s acting suddenly
I know something is falling
But it’s better start now
Oh yeah you better make it soon
Before clouds have been increasing

The feeling of speak from of the stadium’s tongue
to the world about where you truly are,
or desired to be — again, to reminds you about – courage, resilience and strength.

The most precious things in life
you can only learn in storm.
One more time, I see you as
a bird that stopped flying to take refuge.

The feeling of the land
so close to the sea
from where you were,
or wanted to be — again, to reminds you about –  acceptance, vulnerability and letting go.

At the end of a storm
There is calm and soft wind
touching your face,
while you’re flying free
ahead of, into, or through it.

I always see you shine
after every long storm
as a bright rainbow.