Sentimentos Cotidianos

Wake you up

Like a couple of shrubs
Raining outside on a hot night
we are kissing and cuddling.
You pulled me closer to your chest
Listening your heart calling my name
Telling me I’m not alone in this love.

For I have known my feelings already,
known all of them:
You knocking on my door to hug me early in the morning
missing you on afternoons
and a little snuggle at night.

I have measured out my feelings
with the truth from a simple life.
I know the silence from your eyes
And it makes you forget all about what hurts.

I feel asleep again.
Well, you’ll wake me up

jumping on my bed

I’ll open my eyes.
So how should I know?

Maybe it’s awake
But awake is not a word that I know
Wake up, wake up
Wake you up
You’re going to be mine…

Laila na beira do rio.