Sentimentos Cotidianos

Wake you up

Like a couple of shrubs
Raining outside on a hot night
we are kissing and cuddling.
You pulled me closer to your chest
Listening your heart calling my name
Telling me I’m not alone in this love.

For I have known my feelings already,
known all of them:
I’ve known cereal with milk on mornings,
missing you on afternoons
and a little snuggle at night.

I have measured out my feelings
with the truth from a simple life.
I know the silence from your eyes sleeping with me.
And it makes you forget all about what hurts.

You feel asleep again.
Well, I’ll wake you up.
I’ll open your eyes.
So how should I know?

Maybe it’s awake
But awake is not a word that I know
Wake up, wake up
Wake me up
I’m going to be yours…

Laila na beira do rio.