These Spring Days

Between the trees’ lines,
Inside the lines
From above these spring days,
A drop of hope will always spring down.

I should stop to ask myself
About why I am here
I look up to the grey sky,
a drop of hope will wet a dry branch.

The answers are never too far
From where my body’s gonna burn
Maybe it’s my destiny
So many flowers in these spring days,
life blossoms in my heart

I keep being born and keep dying,
but I don’t know why.
I keep walking inside these lines,
but I don’t know the reason why.

On these spring days
Fron a dry branch I’m born again
Maybe it’s my way
So many colours in these spring days, my hopefulness blossoms.

My veins are peirced by the thorns
and they’re bleeding tears of hope.
I see the flames inside the lines.
On these sweet spring days
In my eyes, in my veins
In my body, in a torch

Natureza pura.