Little Voice

I’ve got a little voice that it wanna speak out
I spent time whispering
while I figured out how loud it could be
This little voice has a lot to say

Inside, around
Out to me
I’ve been lost in myself
through the ups and downs
I’ve been having struggles against me
Feeling downs and ups and downs
Always trying to be a different fit for you
but I’m happy being without you
I got a little voice weighin’ on my chest
Overthinking what to do
while I figure out I should be me
This little voice already changed my mind
when it told me you’re not my person

Inside, around
Out to me
I can feel my vocal chords ripping
Just for following on my own way
Sorry, I’m so tired
Always trying to explaining who I am
You couldn’t hear me
You couldn’t understand me
this little voice’s been growing on me
Now I should hear myself

Inside, around
Out to me
You’ll never understand
Because you’ve never been good at understanding
the winds’ language,
what the birds say
Now I know, yay, I know
And I can breathe over head

little voice